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PMID Done? Curator Title Year Comments Detail
19202271 yes SG The Activity of a Type II Transmembrane Serine Protease, Matriptase, Is Dependent Solely on the Catalytic Domain 2009 yes Detail
19201976 yes SG Myroilysin, a Novel Bacterial M12 Metalloprotease with Elastinolytic Activity and Synergistic Role with Collagenase in Collagen Hydrolysis by Swelling Collagen: Implication for Its Ecological Function in Biodegradation of Deep-Sea High-Molecular-Weight Or 2009 yes Detail
19213735 yes SG ADAM10, the rate-limiting protease of regulated intramembrane proteolysis of notch and other proteins, is processed itself by ADAMS 9, -15, and gamma-secretase 2009 yes Detail
19038967 yes SG Crystal Structure and Autoactivation Pathway of the Precursor Form of Human Tripeptidyl-peptidase 1, the Enzyme Deficient in Late Infantile Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 2009 yes Detail
19224859 yes SG Activation of SREBP by the caspase drice in Drosophila larvae 2009 yes Detail
19196155 yes SG Mammalian pitrilysin: substrate specificity and mitochondrial targeting 2009 yes Detail
19161337 yes SG Dissociation of CIRL subunits as a result of two-step proteolysis 2009 yes Detail
19193194 yes SG A kringle-containing protease with plasminogen-like activity in the basal chordate Branchiostoma belcheri 2009 yes Detail
1924744 yes SG Interpain A, a Cysteine Proteinase from Prevotella intermedia, Inhibits Complement by Degrading Complement Factor C3 2009 yes Detail
19191589 yes SG Proteolytic Degradation of Hemoglobin in the Intestine of the Human Hookworm Necator americanus 2009 yes Detail
19240037 yes SG The serine protease plasmin cleaves the amino-terminal domain of the NR2A subunit to relieve zinc inhibition of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors 2009 yes Detail
19172172 yes SG The Importance of pH in Regulating the Function of the Fasciola hepatica Cathepsin L1 Cysteine Protease 2009 yes Detail
19175361 yes SG Structural and functional characterization of SplA, an exclusively specific protease of Staphylococcus aureus 2009 yes Detail
19308250 yes SG Cathepsin F Cysteine Protease of the Human Liver Fluke, Opisthorchis viverrini 2009 yes Detail
19332543 yes SG The protease-associated (PA) domain and C-terminal extension are required for zymogen processing, sorting within the secretory pathway, and activity of tomato subtilase 3 (SlSBT3) 2009 yes Detail
19346238 yes SG Protein processing by the placental protease, cathepsin P 2009 yes Detail
19166810 yes SG Mechanism and significance of specific proteolytic cleavage of Reelin 2009 yes Detail
19343278 yes SG Human pituitary contains dual cathepsin L and prohormone convertase processing pathway components involved in converting POMC into the peptide hormones ACTH, alpha-MSH, and beta-endorphin 2009 yes Detail
19357776 yes SG Hemoglobin cleavage site-specificity of the Plasmodium falciparum cysteine proteases falcipain-2 and falcipain-3 2009 yes Detail
19398552 yes SG Autoprocessing of the Escherichia coli AIDA-1 autotransporter; A new mechanism involving acidic residues in the junction region 2009 yes Detail
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